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Export MBOX files to PST format by using MBOX to PST Converter This is a best way to perform conversion of multiple email clients MBOX file. Converter solution is an easy way to perform the cross-platform migration. Every user can easily perform conversion of MBOX files into Outlook compatible PST format if he know the exact solution to convert MBOX to PST. Now, in this article, we will describe MBOX conversion solution, but before proceeding to how to export .mbox files to Outlook PST format, we will provide some information about MBOX file & situation where users can use this automated converter solution.

Now a day many email clients are available which supports MBOX file to store email data some email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, Spicebird, Entourage, PocoMail, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, Evolution, etc. Some email clients created .mbs file (like Opera Mail), this file also used to store email messages, MBS and MBX both file formats are similar to .mbox file extension. Other hand PST file format used & created by Outlook email client to store Emails, Contacts, Calenders, Tasks, etc. MBOX file & PST file both files store email data but different from each other. So, access MBOX data into Outlook email client user need to export MBOX to PST. 

Reason Behind to Perform Migration of MBOX to PST:

MBOX file is supported by multiple email clients and PST only supported by Outlook email application, If user wants to access data of MBOX file into Outlook email client in such sitution user need to export MBOX to PST because some advanced features of Outlook email application make it more powerful. Maximum users prefer Outlook Email client on a corporate level comparing to other email application. Some other reasons are described below:-  

1: Many MBOX compatible email clients are free of cost or open source and provide limited functionality to the user, these email applications correctly work but limited functionality is drow back of these email applications. Other hand Outlook email clients provide many advanced features like: Integrate social networks into Outlook, email attachment reminder, tracking feature, inter communication, Customized Calendars, etc these features are primary attraction of every corporate user.

2: Connectivity with Exchange Server, it is one more ability of Outlook email application. Many corporations are used Exchange Server to secure email information and Outlook email application easily connected with the Exchange Server.

3: When user want to switch from MBOX compatible email clients to Outlook in this situation user also need to export MBOX files to PST format because Outlook email client support PST file and user cannot import MBOX file directly into Outlook.

How to Export MBOX to PST?

Now, the question is How to export MBOX files to PST? For the solution of this question, the user has two options first is Manual way & second is Automated MBOX to PST converter. we suggested you use automated converter tool. By using the manual method you can export MBOX file but remember manual method has some disadvantages data loss is one of them. If MBOX file contains important data so use MBOX to PST converter tool. By using this tool you can easily migrate MBOX files or folder into PST format without any kind of data loss. You can try this manual method to transfer MBOX file to PST.

To work with this manual method you needs multiple email client like Outlook Express, Eudora, follow the given steps to export MBOX to PST with manually:- 

1: First you need to Download Eudora and then rename your .mbox file as the .mbx file, Now move this file to the directory in where Eudora stores its files. Then open Eudora email client & double click on .mbx file to open the .mbx file in Eudora.

2: Now you need to import the .mbx file into Outlook Express: - Download Outlook Express, then go to file menu then click Import >> messages, then select Folder then click Next. Now browse .mbx file then click OK. 

3: Download Outlook email client on your system to import & save the .mbx file as .pst. After installing Outlook, go to File tab >> Open, click on Import section then select Import and Export Wizard. Then select Import Internet Mail and Addresses, then click Next. Then select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail option, Import Mail option should be checked, then click Next.

Second solution is automated converter tool known as DataHelp MBOX to PST converter you can download the tool from here:, with the help of this software you can easily export MBOX files to PST format without data loss. The MBOX to PST converter support all MBOX compatible email application & export their MBOX file / folder to Outlook compatible PST format. 

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